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A dynamic statement of Christian Faith

A commitment to liberation

A call to Universality

About us

Essentially international, the members are linked in their commitment to the aims of the Association :

  • To respond to their Christian call to live a life of faith
  • To associate themselves with all people struggling for liberation and justice.
  • To work for the building of an international community based on recognition of the rights and values of each culture, each group and each individual.

Members are grouped in Units where they either live alone or in team. Through the Units they choose their priorities in work, action and spirituality and take part in the International Life of the Association.

Their work is primarily in the social, education and health fields and in development projects.
Their action is in solidarity with people who stand for justice and peace
Their spirituality is centered on the gospels proclaiming the kingdom of God.

ICA is present in 25 countries :

  • Sub-Saharan Africa : Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda
  • America : United-States, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ha├»ti, Peru
  • Asia : Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam
  • Near East : Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine
  • Europe : Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland



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  • 1030 Brussels, Belgium
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